Seamus Murphy Delivers on Latest EP B4 iHatedU

B4 iHatedU has officially arrived from rising artist Seamus Murphy. This action packed EP was actually supposed to be part of an upcoming mixtape from Seamus but instead, he released it as its own piece. Once he began to record (what he thought was) the mixtape, he realized these songs didn’t really fit anymore and were better off being a separate project on their own. After that, he knew this would be best and started putting together the pieces he would need to launch. Using this work of art to compare to his past releases, Seamus wants his true followers to feel the big strides he has taken already in the early months of 2021. He has put in relentless hours to fine tune his sound and image, in hopes for an even bigger following than he has seen. Using his artistic skills, Seamus’ commits to an idea and portrays it perfectly through his words. Also having a “fun” vibe to his music, Seamus Murphy steps outside the box with his melodies and sound styles.

Using his HipHop and R&B vibe, Seamus Murphy’s versatility is always felt. Receiving inspirations from artists like Mac Miller and Bob Dylan, Seamus looks to push his own narrative in the music world like these artists did. B4 iHatedU seems to be doing just that for Seamus Murphy as he as already seen a lot of positive feedback. Each track coincides with one another, almost like a 4 part movie. As this is just a tease to his future mixtape on the way, make sure to checkout B4 iHatedU on all streaming platforms now!

Music PR, Creative Mind

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